I worked in our store for years before I finally learned the story of the weirdly long crochet hooks that kept getting tucked away in a forgotten corner. Oh, those? They’re just the tool you need to whip up one of needlework’s most beautiful fabrics!

Tunisian Crochet may get overlooked in the corner sometimes, but the distinctiveness of its fabric warrants closer scrutiny. It combines a waffle-like grid with a squishy density that is just right for blankets, pillows, dishtowels, and these washcloths!

If you already know how to crochet, you’ll be old friends with this new technique in about ten minutes. And even if you’ve never held a crochet hook before, Tunisian Crochet is one of the easiest places to start. Our new Tunisian Crochet Basics Tutorial will get you on your way!

Use your new skills to whip up these decadently thick and wonderfully soft Tunisian Crochet Washcloths. They’re made out of a combination of organic and pima cottons which subtly play off each other with their matte and lustrous finishes. We think a set of three is just what mom will love this Mother’s Day! -Whitney


  • 2 skeins of Blue Sky’s Skinny Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, in the color Birch (shown above, right).
  • 2 skeins of Cascade’s Ultra Pima, 100% Pima Cotton, 1 in the color Buff (shown above, middle) and 1 in the color Marigold (shown above, left).

This is enough to yarn to make the three washcloths shown here, plus at least 5 others of your own design.

You will also need…


5 1/4 stitches = 1 inch in Tunisian simple stitch


8 x 8 inches


  • If this is your first time working Tunisian (or Afghan) Crochet, get acquainted with our Tunisian Crochet Basics Tutorial right here!
  • For this pattern Color A is Birch, Color B is Buff and Color C is Marigold.


Basic Washcloth

Chain 42.

Starting with the second chain from the hook, work a Preparation Row.

Then alternate Return and Forward Rows until the piece measures 8 inches (or until it is square).

Finish off and weave in the ends.

Two Stripe Washcloth

Following the Basic Washcloth pattern (see pattern, above), start with Color A and work until piece measures 5 5/8 inches from the beginning.

Change to Color B (our tutorial tells you how!) and finish.

Three Stripes Washcloth

Following the Basic Washcloth pattern (see pattern, above), start with Color A and work until piece measures 5 inches from the beginning.

Change to Color B and work for 1 3/4 inches.

Change to Color C and finish.

Bordered Washcloth

With Color A, make a Basic Washcloth (see pattern, above).

Insert the hook into the left side of a corner and with Color C, pull a loop through. Chain 1.

For the foundation edge, finish edge and right selvedge, you will insert the hook through both strands of each edge stitch:

And for the left selvedge edge, you will insert the hook through just one strand of each edge stitch:

Make a slip stitch into each edge stitch all the way to the next corner. Chain 1 at the corner.

Continue to make slip stitches along the remaining three sides, making a chain 1 at each corner.

Slip stitch into the beginning chain 1, cut the yarn and pull it through the remaining stitch.

Here’s what the border looks like:

Block your washcloths and you’re all done!