Fall is my favorite season but that hasn’t always been the case. Growing up in California, we didn’t have much in the way of seasons, so I never understood the true glory of autumn until I moved to the East Coast. My first year in New York, I unwittingly took a weekend trip to Swarthmore, Pennsylvania right at the peak of fall foliage. I arrived at night and in the morning, woke up to a breathtaking riot of colors. As I wandered the town, I felt like I was in a kaleidoscope of yellows, oranges, red and pinks. I collected a bunch of my favorite leaves that day, thinking that they would keep their brilliant colors and was so sad when I realized they wouldn’t.

Because the beautiful foliage is, in fact, so fleeting, I wanted to make some pretty leaves that would last all year long. I made these Fall Leaves Coasters with our brand new Fall Leaves Felt Bundle, a neutral taupe complemented by four bright autumnal colors. Like my previous Felt Coaster projects (which you can see here and here) these are easy (and addictive!) to make. And with Thanksgiving around the bend, a set of Fall Leaves Coasters will surely make an elegant addition to your festivities!


To make 8 total coasters (four of each version):


Version One


Cut an outer leaf piece from the tan felt and a  colored felt.

Using a pencil or an erasable fabric marker draw three straight lines radiating out from the bottom of the leaf, each starting from the same point, a 1/2-inch above the bottom middle curve. The middle line should be at 12:00 with the side lines at 10:00 and 2:00. Stop these lines an inch from the edge of the leaf.

1 1/2-inches from the end of each of your three lines draw two lines branching out.

Mark a curved line, following the curve of the bottom of the leaf, a 1/2-inch from the bottom of the leaf.

For a clearer picture of these markings please see below:

Make sure the markings are clear.

Using sharp scissors cut out away the markings. Do this carefully by just cutting around the marker lines.

The cut out lines should be no wider than 1/8-inch.


Pin the leaf with the markings cut out to one of the colored leaves. Make sure the edges meet up nicely and that the colored felt is showing through the cut out sections of the top leaf.

Using a very small running stitch and two strands of embroidery floss sew the two leaves together along the edge of the cut out section of the top leaf.

Then sew them together along their outer edges.

Snip around the edges so none of the colored felt is poking out along the edges.

You’re all done!

Version Two


Cut out an outer leaf piece from the colored felt.

Cut out an inner leaf piece from the tan felt.


Pin the two pieces together, with the tan piece centered on top.

Using a very small running stitch and 2 strands of embroidery thread sew around the perimeter of the inner leaf.

You’re all done!