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Sale: Quilting Cotton

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Regular price is $11.32 per yard. On sale at 40% off for $6.80 per yard! PLEASE NOTE: THESE SALE FABRICS ARE AVAILABLE BY THE YARD ONLY.

Content: 100% cotton

Width: 43 inches



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P&B Color Spectrum vanilla (CSPE 02 Y)*
P&B Color Spectrum Taupe CSPE08 Z
P&B Color Spectrum Rouge (CSPE 13 RO)*
P&B Color Spectrum Red (CSCL 46)*
P&B Color Spectrum Moss (CSPE 14 YG)*
P&B Color Spectrum Lilac (CSPE 03 V)*
P&B Color Spectrum Lemon (CSPE Y)*
P&B Color Spectrum Charcoal (CSNE 03 GR)*
P&B Color Spectrum Blackberry Fudge (CSNE 15 N)*
P&B Color Spectrum Bark (CSNE 06 N)*
RK Flannel Sage
RK Flannel Navy
RK Flannel Light PInk
RK Flannel Light Blue
RK Flannel Kelly
RK Flannel Jungle
RK Flannel Gray
RK Flannel Brown
RK Flannel Blue
RK Flannel Black
RK Flannel Aqua
Lecien Stripes 4520RZ
Lecien Stripes 4520R
Lecien Stripes 4520LZ
Lecien Stripes 4520RZ
RK Quilter's Linen Taupe
RK Quilter's Linen Sunflower
RK Quilter's Linen Rust
RK Quilter's Linen Russet
RK Quilter's Linen Raffia
RK Quilter's Linen Plum
RK Quilter's Linen Orange
RK Quilter's Linen Navy
RK Quilter's Linen Mauve
RK Quilter's Linen Grass
RK Quilter's Linen Garnet
RK Quilter's Linen Chocolate
RK Quilter's Linen Blush
RK Quilter's Linen Azure
Flea Market Fancy Red Flower + Dot DS021*
Robert Kauffman Carolina Chambray Spice
Robert Kauffman Carolina Chambray Rust
Robert Kauffman Carolina Chambray Royal
Robert Kauffman Carolina Chambray Light Blue
Robert Kauffman Carolina Chambray Chocolate
Orange Round Leaf 33078-7
Echo Sweet Azalea Choma 33410-9*
Echo Sweet Azalea Lena 33409-9*
Prairie Crossing Tan Small Circle Dot 33665-4*
Prairie Crossing Red Tattersall 33669-1*
Prairie Crossing Red Rice Stripe 33675-1*
Prairie Crossing Orange Tattersall 33669-3*
Prairie Crossing Brown Small Circle Dot 33665-2
Prairie Crossing Brown Diamond Grid 33671-2*
Once Upon a Storybook Red Gears & Boxes 34216-3*
Once Upon a Storybook Peach Gears & Boxes 34216-5*
Mother's Melodies Parsley Dots 12969-57*
Mother's Melodies Lipstick Dots  12969-121 *
Handle with Care Garden Stripes 12984-238*
Handle with Care Bright Stripes 12984-195*
Spot On Small Ivory 12873-15*
Spot On Small Bubble Gum 12873-262*
Spot On Small Brown 12873-16*
Spot On Small Blue 12873-4*
Spot On Medium Bermuda 12872-237*
Spot On Medium Ivory 12872-15*
Spot On Medium Camel 12872-244*
Spot On Large Tangerine 12871-147*
Spot On Large Pink 12871-10*
Spot On Large Navy 12871-9*
Spot On Large Lime 12871-50*
Spot On Large Khaki 12871-214*
Spot On Large Gray 12871-12*
Spot On Large Aqua 12871-70*
Riley Blake Chevron Orange
Riley Blake Chevron Brown
Blend JH Bugs Bug Dots Green 06.1*
Blend JH Bugs Grey Ladybugs 04.1*
Blend JH Bugs Ladybugs Green 04.2*
Blend JH Bugs Hatchmarks Orange 03.3*
Blend JH Bugs Swarm Blue 02.2*
Blend JH Bugs Hatchmarks White 03.2*
Chambray Patchwork Black 13781-2*
Bijoux Fall Sublime Stitchery 5709*
Bijoux Amber Embroidery's Fortune 5704*
Cubisme Verdigrid70017*
Architextures Black Printed Notes 13501-2*
Lazy Daisy Red Grid 13760-3*
RK Flannel Red
Briar Rose Blue Calico 37027-1*
Briar Rose Brown Calico 37027-8*
Briar Rose Lilac Calico 37027-2*
Briar Rose Lilac Hex Bee 37025-2*
Briar Rose Orange Calico 37027-3*
Briar Rose Orange Nanny Bee 37023-3*
Briar Rose Pink Calico 37027-6*
Briar Rose Pink Hex Bee 37025-6*
Briar Rose Yellow Hex Bee 37025-7*
Dotcom Black Mono Circus 35998-1*
Dotcom Blue Mono Circus 35998-3*
Dotcom Green Mono Circus 35998-2*
Dotcom Red Mono Circus 35998-11*
Dotcom White Mono Circus 35998-7*
White Multi Circus 35997-7*
Global Bazar Purple Chimera 05.1*
Global Bazar Grey Chimera 05.2*
Juliet Ivory Pearl Love BIrds 1407-2*
Juliet Ivory Etched Flower 1403-2*
Juliet Gold Etched Flower 1403-1*
Notting Hill Mustard Frames 59*
In My Room Green Shade Tree 75*
In My Room Green Retreat 76*
Metro Living Black Dots EIP11017-2*
Remix Summer Stripes AAK10397-193*
Briar Rose  Lilac Frog Pond 37022-2
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