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Rose Gold Fabric Shears


Rose Gold Fabric Shears

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Our Rose Gold Fabric Shears are definitely something special! Made in Sheffield, England, home to Europe's oldest and most renowned scissor-makers, these hot-forged carbon steel "sidebents" are traditionally hand-crafted for precision and durability. Designed for all types of fabric and all manner of dressmaking or tailoring, each pair features incredibly sharp blades that have a unique corrosion protection along their inside surfaces. Best of all, our Rose Gold Scissors are plated in Purl Soho-only rose gold for a warm and very beautiful finish! Our Rose Gold Fabric Shears are now also available for both righties and lefties... Choose your preference from the dropdown menu above!


Product Details

  • Content

    Carbon steel with traditional gold electroplating, using real rose gold in the solution

  • Weight

    200 grams (7 ounces)

  • Length

    8 inches