Purl Soho

Gentle Giant

  • Purl Soho | Heirloom White 1000gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Wolf Brown 5000gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Winter Bark 5100gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | White Peppercorn 5200gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Calico Pink 5300gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Purple Lupine 5600gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Elephant Gray 5800gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Pigeon Gray 5900gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Graphite Gray 6000gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Cowrie Pink 5250gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Orange Koi 5320gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Clay Pot 5350gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Silver Mauve 5450gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Iceberg Blue 5830gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Mint Ice 5860gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Super Yellow 5125gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Super Pink 5400gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Parakeet Yellow 5150gg, Solid
  • Purl Soho | Sugar Maple 5330gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Rose Violet 5550gg, Heather
  • Purl Soho | Honey Amber 5310gg, Heather

Purl Soho

Gentle Giant

As generous a yarn as we could dream up, Purl Soho's Gentle Giant is for anyone with a soft spot for cozy and an eye for beauty! In a dozen Heather colors, plus classic Heirloom White, our windswept palette draws from nature's rustic spirit. Gentle Giant is a loosely spun single ply of pure merino that knits up at a great, big 1 1/2 stitches to the inch. It's the perfect go-to yarn for quick-but-gorgeous knits: warm winter blankets, sumptuous hats and scarves, and high-drama cowls! (P.S. If you notice that the gauge for Gentle Giant is slightly different than they used to be, don't worry the yarn has not changed! We've just refined our thinking a little...)
Product Details
  • Content

    100% Merino Wool

  • Weight

    125 grams (4.4 ounces)

  • Length

    48 yards (44 meters)

  • Gauge

    1.5 - 2 stitches per inch

  • Suggested Knitting Needle

    US 17 or 19 (12 - 15 mm)

  • Suggested Crochet Hook

    P or Q (11.5 - 15.75 mm)

  • Recommended Care

    Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry