Ticking fabric was traditionally tightly woven so not even the most ambitious feather tip could escape the mattress or chair it covered. Knit in our 100% merino Line Weight, Katrina Walser’s Ticking Ribbed Wrap puts a much softer spin on the iconic stripes of that classic fabric.

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

For knitting that is equal parts relaxing and interesting, Katrina designed this wrap in a wonderfully simple and rhythmic slip-stitch pattern.

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

Once you knit the body of the piece in our soft and supple Line Weight, you switch to Quartz and use a crochet hook to attach the fringe, adding a touch more color and texture… And a lot of beauty!

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

Line Weight is a delicate single ply whose loose twist lets you feel the exquisite softness of the merino fiber. It knits into a light fabric that blooms and relaxes when hand washed.

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho
Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

With its two plies and merino-suri mix, Quartz has a bit more strength, for a fringe less prone to felting or unraveling.

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

We’ve put together seven gorgeous Ticking Ribbed Wrap Bundles for this wrap, each with four skeins of Line Weight (2 skeins for the scarf version) and one of Quartz in the same color family. Soft and cozy, with character and beauty, this wrap ticks all the boxes for us! 

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

Designed for Purl Soho by Katrina Walser. Based in Sydney, Australia, Katrina is a knitting teacher, tech editor, and the designer behind Oliphant Kat, where she publishes simple, modern pieces. She’s passionate about using her designs to help new knitters develop skills, alongside the confidence to use them!

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Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho

Our Ticking Ribbed Wrap Bundle comes in Scarf and Wrap sizes (Wrap size shown above). It includes…

  • Yarn A: 2 (4) skeins of Purl Soho’s Line Weight, 100% merino wool. Each skein is approximately 494 yards/100 grams; approximately 975 (1700) total yards required. We used the color Lotus Flower for the Scarf and Cobalt Turquoise for the Wrap.
  • Yarn B (for fringe): 1 skein of Purl Soho’s Quartz, 65% merino wool, and 35% suri alpaca. Each skein is approximately 420 yards/100 grams; approximately 55 (95) total yards required. We used the color Wild Lupine for the Scarf and Icicle Blue for the Wrap.

You will also need…

Choose from one of our colorful palettes, above…

  • Top Row: Peony Pink + Pink Starfish; Weathered Barn + Cardinal Red
  • Middle Row: Hydrangea Blossom + Blue Jeans; Lotus Flower + Wild Lupine (used for our Scarf)
  • Bottom Row: Cobalt Turquoise + Icicle Blue (used for our Wrap); Golden Green + Fresh Pickle
  • Not Pictured: Fieldstone Gray + Ash Gray


33 stitches and 50 rows = 4 inches in stitch pattern


Scarf (Wrap)

Finished Dimensions: Approximately 10 (17½) inches wide x 72 inches long, not including fringe




This pattern works over a multiple of 12 stitches.


Slip all slipped stitches purlwise with yarn in back on right-side rows and with yarn in front on wrong-side rows.


With Yarn A, cast on 84 (144) stitches. We used a basic Long Tail Cast On.

Set-Up Row (wrong side): Purl to end of row.

Row 1 (right side): Slip 3 (see Notes), k2, slip 2, k2, *slip 1, k4, slip 1, k2, slip 2, k2, repeat from * to last 3 stitches, k3.

Row 2 (wrong side): Slip 3 (see Notes), purl to end of row.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures approximately 72 inches from cast-on edge, ending with Row 2.

With right side facing you, bind off knitwise.


Weave in all ends, and prior to attaching tassels, gently wet block to finished dimensions.


**Cut three 8½ inch long pieces of Yarn B. With wrong side facing you, insert crochet hook into corner, just above cast-on edge. Holding strands of Yarn B together, fold them in half, creating a loop. Use hook to pull loop a little bit through to wrong side of work. Thread yarn tails through the loop and pull gently to tighten***.

Repeat from ** to *** across length of cast-on edge, inserting the crochet hook 2-3 stitches away from the previous fringe, or desired spacing. Repeat again for bind-off edge.

Trim fringe so it’s even, and you’re done!

Ticking Ribbed Wrap | Purl Soho