Knitting through the back loop, commonly abbreviated as k1 tbl, creates a twisted stitch in your knitting. It can be worked as a design element, as in half- or full-twisted rib, but it can also serve a practical purpose, like to close the hole created by a yarn over. 

Stitch along with our video or follow along step-by-step, below!


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To knit through the back loop, take the tip of your right needle, and instead of inserting it into the front of the stitch, insert it into the back of the stitch. Then, knit the stitch as you normally would, wrapping the yarn counter-clockwise around your working needle and pulling it through. 

Knit Through The Back Loop (k tbl) | Purl Soho

The result is a twisted knit stitch, where the legs of the “v” overlap. And here you can see, a column of twisted stitches looks like a pretty braid. That’s it… That’s knit through the back loop!