Our classic Lap Duvet is one of the easiest and most satisfying projects we know. It’s fluffy, soft and just right for hunkering down on the couch. A Lap Duvet is also the perfect use for a few yards of absolutely beautiful fabric!


This season we’re giving this old friend a whole new look. Purl Soho’s crisp and cool Linen Grid on one side and decadently soft and cozy Lana Cotta Canberra wool on the other, we can’t think of a more winning combination or a better couch companion!


To make your own Lap Duvet in Linen Grid and Lana Cotta Canberra just follow our original Lap Duvet Pattern using the materials listed below, then hit the couch! -Molly




To make one 53 x 58-inch Lap Duvet…


For the full pattern, including step-by-step photos and lots of tips, visit our original Lap Duvet post!