The Grecian Rib Stitch slants… a lot… even after blocking, lending itself beautifully to bias knitting, with softly textured ribs that move gracefully from one corner to the other. This stitch inspired the Grecian Rib Scarf, pictured above.


NOTE: Worked over an even number of stitches.

Right Side: *Knit into the 2nd stitch, lift this second stitch over the first stitch and off the needle as if to bind off, knit the 1st stitch normally, repeat from * to end.

Wrong Side: (K1, p1) to end.

Right Side… Step-by Step

This tutorial was taken from the Grecian Rib Scarf project.

Right Side: To start, *knit into the second stitch on the left-hand needle (see red arrow), but do not let any stitches drop off the left-hand needle.

You now have a new stitch on your right-hand needle (see pink arrow).

The first stitch (aqua arrow) and second stitch (red arrow) are still on the left-hand needle.

With the tip of your right-hand needle, carefully pick up the second stitch (red arrow) on the left-hand needle, purlwise, bring it over the first stitch (aqua arrow) and off of the left-hand needle.

Next, knit the first stitch normally. Both stitches are now on the right-hand needle (see aqua and pink arrow). You have worked 2 stitches in Grecian Rib Stitch. Repeat from * to end.

Please note: As you can see, three stitches remain on the left-hand needle, equaling 5 total. The Grecian Rib Stitch is typically worked over an even number of stitches. These pictures were taken during the making of the Grecian Rib Scarf which includes a series of increases at the beginning of the scarf, which explains the odd number of stitches shown here.