As a little girl I was obsessed with fantastical creatures like fairies, elves, and trolls. I know a lot of kids are into this kind of stuff, but I took it pretty far. I had multiple sets of homemade colorful mesh wings; I once penned a miniature book (in an edition of one, which my mom still has somewhere) about the secret lives of elves; and one summer my mom, sister, and I constructed an entire troll village.

So, needless to say, my inner six year old was thrilled when I laid eyes on these new De Witte Engel Felt Doll Kits. I would have absolutely loved these little woodland sprites as a kid (OK, I still love them!).

These kits come with everything you will need to make one darling doll: 100% wool felt, fabric for the face, stuffing, thread, and full instructions. All you need are scissors and a needle. Best of all, they are very simple to make!

I know a bunch of purple-loving little girls that would flip over the Little Violet doll pictured above.

And how cute would this Little Snowdrop be peeking out of a Christmas stocking?

The Toadstool doll above is one of my favorites. I think the mushroom cap makes such an elegant hat!

If you’d like to make one (or many!) for yourself or for any fairy obsessed kids you might know, please check out our entire selection of De Witte Engel Felt Doll Kits here! –Molly