Silk Bead Cord, No. 2

Silk Bead Cord, No. 2

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Griffin’s Silk Bead Cord, No. 2 is the perfect resource for beading and jewelry making. The twisted stainless steel needle at one end makes beading a breeze, and neatly plied silk is durable, as well as beautiful. Each package contains approximately 79 inches (a little more than 2 meters) of cord. Between the two other sizes of Silk Bead Cord we carry (a little thicker than size No. 1 and quite a bit thinner than size No. 5), we used Silk Bead Cord, No. 2 in our Gemstones + Knots Necklaces Kit!

Product Details

  • Content

    100% Silk

  • Length

    79 inches