In the winter, New Yorkers wear black. Sometimes you may see a spot of gray or even navy but rarely anything so happy as pink or turquoise or yellow. So by about now, I start to feel like I need some pigment in my life!

This Pom Pom Scarf scratches that color itch. It’s made out of silky soft 100% cotton so it’s totally comfy and will carry right over into my spring wardrobe.

Kokka’s beautiful Fine Solids combine with their classic Gingham to set an elegant and unexpected stage for a playful little Pom Pom Trim. That burst of color next to a neutral background gives me just the kind of kick I’m looking for!

This is such a simple and approachable project that you may end up lining everything you own with pom pom trim, and why not? It’s the perfect antidote to the winter blahs! —Molly



34-inches square


Attaching the Pom Poms

Cut the gingham fabric into a 35-inch square.

Beginning in the middle of one side, with the right side of the fabric facing up, pin the flat tape section of the pom pom trim along the the square’s raw edges so the pom poms are facing inward.

When you get all the way around the four sides of the square overlap the end of the trim on top of the beginning. Cut the trim so it has 1-inch tails as shown above.

Attach the zipper foot to your machine using the left side of the foot.

Sew through the middle of the tape side of the pom pom trim all the way around the square. Backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam.

Make sure you have caught all of the trim and that you haven’t sewn into any of the pom poms. Also make sure that the corners are neatly sewn down.

Sewing Together

Flip the gingham to the wrong side. Press the four pom pom trimmed edges over 3/8-inch towards the wrong side. Make sure the pom poms are now facing out.

Cut the solid fabric into a 36-inch square. Press only the top and right edges over 3/8-inch towards the wrong side. Tuck this corner inside itself as shown above.

Starting at this pressed corner, lay the gingham piece on top of the solid piece, wrong sides together.

Pin the top and right edges together so that the gingham piece and the sold piece are flush

Pin along these two sides until you reach the un-folded sides of the solid fabric.

Finger press the raw edge of the solid inward so that the fold matches up with the fold of the gingham piece as you pin the two sides together.

Repeat this for the final un-pinned side.

Make sure that both sides of the scarf meet up exactly at the edges and that the tape section of the pom pom trim is hidden. Pay special attention to the corners. If there are any raw edges sticking out fold them to the inside.

Reattach the zipper foot using its right hand side.

Edge stitch around all four sides of the scarf thus sewingh the two sides together and sandwiching the tape side of the pom pom trim inside. Backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam.

Make sure that all of the sides are sewn shut. If there is a section where one of the sides isn’t sewn just go over that section as neatly as you can making sure to backstitch.

Press the whole thing and you’re all done!