Announcing New Needlepoint Canvases | Purl SohoBirds of a Feather. And with excellent reason – these canvases are electric! The intensity of color merges the traditional craft of needlepoint with a truly modern sensibility. These whimsical canvases have me totally hypnotized. Finished as pillows, wall hangings, or seat covers, these designs would add a spark to any room. 

Announcing New Needlepoint Canvases | Purl Soho11-yard skein. The colors we used and quantities for each canvas are listed below.

Announcing New Needlepoint Canvases | Purl Soho

Flora and Fauna is a 17-inches x 11-inches, 13:1 mesh, hand-painted canvas. Flora and Fauna was stitched up using:

  • Koigu’s Premium Merino 1128, for the rust
  • Koigu’s Premium Merino 1153, for the pink
  • Koigu’s Premium Merino 1155, for the bright pink
  • Koigu’s Premium Merino 1220, for the orange
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1156, for the purple
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2130, for the bright blue
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1201, for the yellow gold (2 skeins)
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2192, for the yellow (2 skeins)
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1201 for the dark green
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 4005 for the mint
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2351 for the magenta (2 skeins)
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1170 for the wine
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1120 for the bright red
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2220 for the soft turquoise
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2420 for the brown


Announcing New Needlepoint Canvases | Purl Soho

Blue Elephant is a 13-inches x 13.5-inches, 13:1 mesh, hand-painted canvas. Blue Elephant was stitched up using:

  • Koigu’s Premium  Merino 2132, for the green
  • Koigu’s Preminu Merino 2100, for the yellow
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1535, for the other green
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2400, for the black
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 0000, for the white
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1305, for the brown
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1155, for the pink (2 skeins)
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1153 for the bright pink (2 skeins)
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1150, for the hot pink
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1141. for the light pink
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2229, for the red
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1133, for the bright red
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1113, for the orange red
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 2200, for the orange
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1002, for the royal blue
  • Koigu’s Needlepoint Yarn 1156, for the purple
  • Spud and Chloe’s Fine Calypso, for the blue

It was just two years ago that the Purl Bee proudly announced our venture in to the world of needlepoint. Over the past twenty-four months, as our enthusiasm for needlepoint has grown, so has our collection of inspiring supplies. In addition to Birds of a Feather, Purl Soho offers gorgeous canvases depicting Charley Harper’s sophisticated illustrations, quirky and beautiful canvases from Unique NZ Designs, as well as adorable canvases for kids from De Elda. Our painted canvases cover a huge range of subjects from aboriginal textile design to fairy tale illustrations to alphabet samplers to dense garden scenes. No stone goes unturned!

Are you as taken with these canvases as I am, but have never needlepointed? Check out the classes offered at our shop in New York City, or take a look at this easy-to-understand book that will have you needlepointing in no time!   Happy stitching! -Laura