Halloween celebrates many things, ghosts and goblins, the crisp Fall weather, and of course candy! I wanted to make a quick and easy set of bags for all that trick or treating loot but I was having trouble coming up with a good idea that said “Halloween”. After much brainstorming Joelle, Page, and I had an Ah-Ha moment: we could make them in a candy corn shape!

Even though it is the simplest of candies (they are basically made of sugar, and appropriately, corn syrup) I have a soft spot for candy corn. They are such a fun shape and I love their sunny colors. For me they signify Halloween and the Fall, and despite their meager ingredients I love the way they taste!  Plus I thought the idea of putting candy into a candy shaped container was cool!

To make the bags I used our beautiful 100% wool felt. It comes in the most lovely saturated colors and needs no hemming. The finished bags are about 10-inches deep so they can hold a lot of candy, and since it’s made from sturdy all natural materials they can be used for years to come. These are so quick and easy and make Trick or Treating all the more special!

Happy Trick or Treating! –Molly


To make a set of three bags:

If you’d only like to make one trick or treat bag you will only need one piece of the yellow “Sun” colored felt, to make two you will need two pieces.


10-inches tall



Fold the yellow (“Sun”) felt in half diagonally and then place the Candy Corn Base template along the fold as directed. Cut the felt along the template. Repeat this for the two other pieces of yellow felt.

Trace the middle template three times onto the orange felt as shown above so that all three shapes fit onto the one piece of felt.

Cut three of the top templates from the ecru felt (you will have no problem fitting them.)

Cut three 20-inch lengths from the grosgrain ribbon.

You will have three of each shape and three lengths of ribbon.

Adding the Stripes

Iron the middle crease out of one of the yellow base pieces.

Place a white piece at the point of the base piece, lining up the sides so they match exactly.

Place an orange middle piece below the white piece so that the middle piece’s edges line up exactly with the base. The top of the middle piece will overlap the bottom curved edge of the top piece.

Pin the middle piece down along both of its curved edges. When you pin along the top curved edge make sure that you are pinning through all three layers (the top piece, the middle piece, and the base.)

Using the orange thread top stitch the middle piece along the pinned edges. By sewing the top edge of the middle piece you will also be sewing through the top piece.

Sewing the Bag

Fold and pin the entire piece in half width-wise, right sides together, so that it forms a pie-slice-shape. Using the yellow thread, sew the pinned sides together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

Sew a horizontal line 2-inches above the bottom of the bag as shown above.

Snip off the bottom angle of the bag a 1/4-inch from the bottom horizontal seam.

Hemming the Top

Press the side seam of the bag open.

Fold and pin the top edge of the bag 1/2-inch towards the wrong side all along the top edge. Since this is a curved edge it will not lay 100% flat so do not iron it down, just fold it over with your fingers and pin it.

Using the yellow thread hand stitch this fold down with a small running stitch. The stitches you make should be very small on the right side of the bag and wider on the wrong side. The picture above is a close up of the wrong side, and the picture below is of the right side.

Attaching the Handle

Open the bag so that the seam is in the center. Pin the ribbon 3/4-inch below the rim of the bag at the left and right sides, making sure not to twist the ribbon.

Using the yellow thread and the sewing machine sew the ends of the ribbon down 1/2-inch from the top edge of the bag, along your hand sewing seam. Make sure to backstitch on either end of these short seams to secure the handles.

Turn the bag right side out, repeat for the other two bags, and you’re all done and ready for candy!