Joelle was in California recently, visiting her adorable new niece Bobbie Rae. She noticed that Bobbie was using a lot of bibs, and that the most effective were super absorbent. When she came back to New York she had the idea that we should design a bib that was both beautiful and totally useful.

As you might have noticed by now, when we want to make something truly special and beautiful, we often turn to Liberty of London’s Tana Lawn. The lovely detailed prints of Tana Lawn are legendary! Its silky hand is soft enough for a very precious baby gift, but still strong enough to stand up to repeated washings.

To add absorbency we decided to back the bibs with Michael Miller’s 100% Organic Cotton Terry, which is another perennial favorite at Purl Soho. We just love the combination of these two fabrics so we decided to pick out multiple colorways and our Liberty Bib Bib Kits were born. We hope you’ll agree that they’ll make perfect baby shower gifts!

Each Liberty Baby Bib Kit makes 4 bibs (2 of each print).  The kit includes 2 fat-eights of Liberty of London’s Tana Lawn in complementary colors, 1/2 yard of Michael Miller’s 100% Organic Cotton Terry, Gutermann 100% cotton sewing thread, 4 large nickel plated snaps, complete directions and a pattern template. 

These bibs are a breeze to sew, you could easily make a whole set in one afternoon. You can find our Liberty Baby Bib Kits right here, or create your own by following along with the pattern below.

The Materials

You will also need:

If you’d like to make your own version of our Liberty Baby Bibs you can find the pattern template right here.


Assemble and cut out the Liberty Bib Template.

Cut each of the Liberty of London Tana Lawn pieces in half so you have two 9-inch by 13 1/4-inch pieces from each pattern. Press these pieces.

Trace the bib template on the wrong side of each of these pieces. It can sometimes be hard to tell which is the wrong side of the Tana Lawn because of it’s ultra saturated printing so be careful in this step.


Make sure to transfer the markings on the upper left hand corner of the template to the fabric. These are the gap markings.

Sewing and Cutting

Pin the Tana lawn to the Terry Cloth right sides together around the perimeter of the markings. (The right side of the Terry Cloth is the fuzzy side.)

Then cut the Terry cloth to be a little bigger than the Tana Lawn piece.

Starting at the bottom gap marking sew the Terry and the Lawn together along the marked line. Stop sewing at top gap marking making sure to leave the 1-inch gap in-between the markings unsewn.

Here is a close-up of the unsewn gap.

Cut the bib shape out roughly  3/8-of an inch from the outside of the sewn edges.

Snip off the corers at the right angles by the neck and snip vertically into the seam allowance in a few places along the neck  and bottom curves to make turning the bin easier.


Turn the bib right sides out through the gap.

Press the raw edges of the gap inside and press the whole bib flat with the Tana Lawn pulled just over the bottom and side edge and the Terry Cloth pulled just over the neck edge so it’s peaking out a bit at the top. Pin the entire perimeter of the bib in this manner.

Here is a more close up shot of the edges with the Tana Lawn rolled slightly over the bottom edge and the Terry Cloth rolled slightly over the neck edge.

Top stitch along the entire perimeter of the bib with a scant 1/4-inch seam allowance. This will close the gap.

Hand sew the snaps onto the back of the neck as directed on the snap package. Center the snap at each neck flap, a 1/4-inch from the end of the flap.

Repeat these steps for the other three pieces of Tana Lawn and you’ll be all done!