Spring Napkins | Purl SohoI can’t wait for Spring to arrive. I am so sick of slushy snow, grey days, and cold temperatures! Besides the warmer weather one of the things I’m looking forward to most is sitting down with family and friends at all the celebrations that  happen every spring. I made these napkins in anticipation of all these events and think they’ll add color and life to any Springtime table! –Molly

Designed by Purl Soho designer, Molly Schnick. Click here to see even more of Molly’s work!


Spring Napkins | Purl SohoTo make twelve double sided napkins (To make more or fewer napkins keep in mind that you’ll need two fat quarters and 2-yards of ric rac per napkin):

  • Spectrum Bundles in yellow and green
  • 6 yards of Small Ric Rac and pink
  • 6 yards of Small Ric Rac in green
  • 6 yards of Small Ric Rac in white
  • 6 yards of Small Ric Rac in yellow
  • Cotton Thread in color 1040

CuttingSpring Napkins | Purl Soho

Pick out two fat quarters that you like together. I paired greens with greens and yellows with yellows but you can mix and match if you like!

Press and cut each fat quarter into a 16 1/2-inch X 16 1/2-inch square.

Cut 2 yards from one of the ric racs.

PinningSpring Napkins | Purl Soho

Lay the first square down and smooth it flat.

Starting in the middle of one of the sides place the ric rac along the edge of the fabric with the outer points of the zig zag lined up exactly to the edge.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Place the second square neatly on top of the first square and pin the three layers together, making sure the ric rac remains lined up with the edge of the fabric. Leave a 3-inch un-pinned tail of ric rac at the start.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Continue pinning the two squares together with the ric rac along the edge. When you come to a corner neatly bend the ric rac into a 90-degree angle as shown above and continue pinning.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Pin the three layers together in this manner until you get back to the beginning. Leave a 3-inch opening un-pinned and a 3-inch tail of ric rac at the end.

SewingSpring Napkins | Purl Soho

Sew the three layers together along all four sides with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Make sure to leave the 3-inch opening un-sewn. Back stitch at the beginning and end of each seam.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Turn the napkin right side out through the opening.

Press the napkin flat paying special attention to poking out the corners.

Iron the raw edges of the opening 1/4-in towards the wrong side.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Place the tails of the ric rac in-between the sides of the ironed opening until they meet and then tuck their raw ends inside the napkin. Pin them neatly in-between the two fabric layers as shown above.

Slip stitch the opening closed by hand.

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho

Press your napkin and you’re all done!

Repeat all steps for each napkin and then go set the table!

Spring Napkins | Purl Soho