I am one of those people who is constantly misplacing my keys, leaving my wallet at home and being generally forgetful about generally everything. Even my two-year-old daughter knows to ask, “Where’s Mama’s phone?” every time we leave the house.

This can be a real nuisance when it comes to my day-to-day life, but it’s downright frustrating when it comes to my sewing. Just when I’m ready to clip this thread or measure that seam my tools are nowhere to be found. They are usually hiding out under a stack of papers, or lying unaccountably on my bathroom counter, but one place they’re not is where they should be!

And so I designed this apron with all of my forgetful habits in mind. This simple little apron has enough pocket room for every tool you’ll want in your holster. Mine has a spot for my scissors and measuring tape, for a few pens, and yes, even for my ever-elusive telephone!

For the fabric, I chose two fabrics from Robert Kaufman: Linen Cotton Chambray and Blue Arcs and Circles from the Architextures collection. The Chambray is reminiscent of a classic denim work apron, but unlike its stiff and rugged predecessor, the Chambray is super soft and wearable. And I love how the print’s allusions to landscape design hint at this apron’s non-culinary uses.

I now have no more excuses for misplacing my tailor’s chalk or pinking shears, but my keys . . . well, they’ll probably remain forever on the loose. -Corinne


  • Robert Kaufman’s Linen Cotton Chambray, ½-yard for the body or ¼-yard for the pocket
  • Robert Kaufman’s Architextures, Blue Arcs and Circles, ½-yard for the body or ¼-yard for the pocket. This particular fabric is no longer available, but please check out all of our current fabrics for some great alternatives.
  • 2 yards of 30mm Cotton Twill Tape in Navy
  • Gutermann’s 100% Cotton Thread in color 1040 for the denim pocket or color 7000 for the patterned pocket
  • A fabric marker


Prewash all fabrics before starting.



For the body of the apron, cut a 25-inch by 14-inch rectangle of fabric. Cut a 25-inch by 7-inch rectangle for the pocket. For this example, I am using the Blue Arcs and Circles print for the body and the Linen Cotton Chambray for the pocket.

Note: When cutting simple rectangular shapes for patterns such as this, straight, clean cuts are key. The best way to make these cuts is with a rotary cutter and a non-slip quilting ruler on a self-healing cutting mat. If you have limited experience using a rotary cutter, I recommend visiting our Rotary Cutting Tutorial.

Cut two 1-yard pieces of the Cotton Twill.

Sew and Attach the Pocket

Hem the top of the pocket by pressing the edge down ¼ inch towards the wrong side twice. Edge stitch the fold down.

The pocket is sewn to the body of the apron with a French seam. Lay the body fabric flat with the right side facing up. Place the pocket on top, just as it will be in the finished apron, with the pocket’s wrong side facing the body’s right side. Line up the bottom edges, pin, and sew together with a ¼-inch seam allowance.

Fold the fabrics along the seam the other way, so that the right side of the pocket is now facing the wrong side of the main fabric. Press and pin this fold flat. Sew along the folded edge with a ¾-inch seam allowance, making sure to encase all of the raw edges inside the fold.

Clip the corners of the seam.

Fold the fabrics along the last seam, back to their original position with the body’s right side facing the pocket’s wrong side. Press flat.

Using an erasable fabric marker and a straight edge ruler, mark vertically along the pocket where you would like the pocket’s compartments. I created mine according to the following measurements, but feel free to place the pockets where you need them the most:

Pin fabrics together to secure in place. Sew along the marked lines, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seams.

Hem the Sides

To make each side hem, fold the raw edges ¼-inch toward the wrong side twice, folding both fabrics together as one piece. Press, pin, and edge stitch, back stitching at the beginning and end of the seam.

Sew on the Straps

Fold the top edge of the main body ¼ inch toward the wrong side and press. Fold again 1¼ inch from the folded edge. Press flat. Unfold both creases. Lay one end of the twill tape on the wrong side of the fabric, inside the lines of the folds. The end of the twill tape should be about 1½ inch from the apron’s side edge. Pin in place.

Attach the strap with a boxstitch as shown above. Lift the presser foot to pivot at corners. Backstitch at the beginning and end of your seam. Repeat with the second strap at the other end.

Re-fold the fabric along the crease lines, pin flat, and edge stitch along both the top and bottom folds. Sew along the side seams 1½ inches from the top edge to reinforce the strap, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seams.

Fold the exposed ends of the twill tape ¼ inch toward the wrong side twice, press and sew down. You’re all done!