Easter has always been my favorite holiday. In all honesty, I think it’s because it involves jelly beans. So as you can imagine, I had a blast making these felt jelly bean bags for my daughter this Easter. My favorite part was the wide array of beautiful colors of wool felt to choose from. It was an instant winner with my daughter who is in her “rainbow phase”. She loved mixing all the colors and then putting them in rainbow order. Ah, to be young again. She was equally thrilled to stash them back in the custom bag that had her initials on the drawstrings. Happy Easter! –Page

If you want to find the project journal for the Easy Drawstring Bag pictured below, click here.




Download and print the bean bag template.

Using the fabric marker, trace the bean template onto the felt colors of your choice. You will need two cut pieces for each bean. You can get six beans from each 18-inch x 18-inch piece of felt. Note: the drawstring bag holds approximately 16 beans so you’ll need to cut out 32 pieces total to fill the bag. I chose to do each bean in one color, but you can also make each side a different color for a fun twist.

Cut out all pieces using scissors.


Pin both sides of the bean together. Sew around the bean with a 1/8-inch seam allowance leaving approximately a 1 1/2-inch opening to turn the beans right-side out and to fill with rice. Backstitch at either side of the opening.

Turn bean bags right-side out. Smooth out the curves by running your finger along the inside of the seam while pressing outward.


Using an ordinary kitchen funnel, fill the bean bags with rice, beans or lentils.

Fold opening to the inside, 1/4-inch. Hand-sew the opening closed, stitching just inside the folds for an invisible seam.

Please Note: Do not leave your baby or child unsupervised when using bean bags.