Just like real snowflakes each one of these ornaments is unique. One side is pink on white the other white on pink. You can create your own blizzard in a snap! –Molly


These materials will make at least 12 snowflakes, and can make up to 16 with very careful cutting.

Cutting and Marking

Download the Two Sided Snowflake template above. Trace the circle and triangle onto your sheet of template plastic and cut them out to create very sturdy reusable templates.

Trace the circle template on both the pink and white felt and cut the shapes out.

For the hanging loop, cut a strip that is 1/4-inch wide by 7-inches long for each snowflake from whichever color of felt you prefer (I used pink on this one).

On the white felt circle use your ruler and water soluble pen to mark the diameter of the circle (the circle is 4-inches wide).

Make a mark at the center of the diameter, 2-inches from either side.

Place the point of your triangle template on the center mark and line up the triangle’s bottom edge with the circle’s diameter. Trace the top edge of the triangle as shown above.

The triangle template is an equilateral triangle, meaning that all three of it’s angles are 60-degrees so it doesn’t matter which point you use.

Mark the rest of the circle in the same manner and you will have six equidistant lines as shown above.

Now for the fun part, marking the design! You can mark any symmetrical design you like on your snowflakes. The easiest way to make sure the design stays symmetrical is to make sure all your marks are equidistant from the center. In the picture above I marked 1-inch from the center on each of the six “arms” of the snowflake.

Then I connected each of the marks to make a symmetrical hexagon in the center. You can keep building your design in this matter until you’re happy with it.


Once you have your snowflake design marked place the pink circle on the back of the marked white one. Fold your felt strip in half and sandwich it in-between the two layers directly below one of the arms marked on the white circle. You don’t need to pin the circles together because the felt will stick to itself.

Before you begin sewing wind a bobbin for your sewing machine using the ecru thread. You will be using this in the bobbin and the bright pink thread on top. This way all the stitches on the topside of your work (the ecru felt) will be pink and the bottom side (the pink felt) will be ecru.

Sew along all the “arm” marks, backstitching at the beginning and end of each line. Make sure that you sew your hanging loop into the end of one of the arms.

You don’t need to bother with snipping off all of the thread ends, there will be a lot more in a second so you might as well clip them all in one pass.

Sew over each mark, backstitching at the beginning and end of each line. As you can see from the picture above I didn’t cut the thread between each stitching line, instead I picked up the foot and moved the snowflake to the next position. In the case of the center hexagon you can sew it as one shape without stopping, by picking up the foot (but leaving the needle down) at each turn.

When you have completed all of the stitching, trim off all of the thread ends, cutting them very close to the fabric.

Do the same on the back side.

To finish, cut to within an 1/8th of an inch around all of the stitching.

Repeat the process for the remaining snowflakes and enjoy your pretty pink and white blizzard!