This darling little bib is made with Michael Miller Organic Fleece so it’s as absorbent and soft as it is cute! The new Kokka Haikara makes a pretty and functional crumb catcher and best of all the whole thing comes together in less than an hour using our new Capitan 88 Linen Bias Tape, which is 100% linen and comes in a nice neutral palette. This would be a wonderful baby shower gift, you can whip up 3 or 4 of them in no time! Enjoy! –Molly




If you’re making this bib for a baby boy you might want to rethink the color scheme. You can use any pocket fabric and any bias tape you like! Just make sure that your thread matches your bias tape as closely as possible.

(The background fabric is Joelle’s wonderful Net of Jewels in Citrine.)


The Pattern


Cut Fabric 

Print out the pattern template, trace it onto a paper bag and cut it out (you can also just cut out the pattern from your print-out but using a paper bag or another piece of paper will keep the print out pristine and ready to use again whenever you want).

Iron your fleece and place it fuzzy side down. Place your pattern on the fabric and trace around it with a pencil.


Cut out the bib shape and put this piece aside.


Cut a rough 9-inch square from the Haikara fabric and press it flat.


Fold it in half, wrong sides together and press it again. Try to keep the fabric on grain. Fold it so a pretty part of the fabric is at the top of the fold because this is the part of the fabric you’ll be seeing.


Mark your pocket on the pattern template.


Place the pocket mark along the folded edge of the fabric.


Trace the pocket with your pencil.


Cut out shape.  The top of this piece is a fold so the pocket will be self lined.

Sew Fabric


Take your fleece bib piece and place it fuzzy side up. Place the pocket piece neatly on the bottom of this piece, matching the edges perfectly together.


Pin the bias tape around the curved edge of the bib (don’t cover the top edge). Pull the bias tape snug around the edge so that there are no puckers.


Use a lot of pins to keep things from puckering. Make sure to pin through all of the layers!


Use your walking foot to sew on the bias tape with a 1/16-inch seam allowance. Back stitch at each end and make sure you catch both sides (front and back) of the bias tape in your seam. Trim the ends of the bias tape.


Cut a 28-inch piece of bias tape and fold it in half lengthwise.


Center the length of bias tape to the center of the bib’s top edge and pin it down thoroughly.




Tuck in the ends of the bias tape as shown above and pin closed.

Starting from one end of the bias tape tie, sew the bias tape closed with a scant 1/16-inch seam allowance. Again, make sure that you’re catching both the front and back of the bias tape. Keep sewing across the top of the bib, and then across the other end of the bias tape tie. Back stitch at each end of this seam.


Iron the bib and you’re all done!


Here is another bib I made, using the Natural Dot Bias Tape and Robert Kaufman Essex in Sand for the pocket. I think this clean and neutral looking is a sweet (and unisex) option for the project too.