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Braided Leather Bracelet Pattern

Braided Leather Bracelet Pattern

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Our Braided Leather Bracelets take friendship bracelets to the next level! Their basic braiding techniques may be as easy as any summer camp craft, but these Bracelets are a far cry from any gimp lanyard. They’re fresh and simple, chic and sophisticated, super pretty and definitely special. Our Braided Leather Bracelet Pattern is appropriate for kids and adults and includes thorough instructions for two different braid patterns. Choose to receive your Pattern as a PDF download or a hard copy, and for a list of materials you'll need to make your Bracelets, please click Product Details, above.

Product Details



To make two adult-size Braided Leather Bracelets in two different braid styles, you'll need...


Another option: These materials, including the Pattern, come in our Braided Leather Bracelet Kit.