Traditional Potholder Loom + Loops

Traditional Potholder Loom + Loops

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A blast from the past, Friendly Loom Traditional Potholder Loom + Loops still fill an afternoon with absorbing craftiness! Harrisville’s award-winning Friendly Loom Traditional Potholder Kit is intended for ages 6 and up and comes with a weaving and finishing hook, a bag of multi-colored Potholder Loops, fully illustrated instructions, plus a sturdy 7-inch metal frame. Need more Loops? Choose from nearly 2 dozen colors! One hundred percent cotton and made in the USA, each bag has enough Loops to make two solid-colored potholders (at least 72 loops per bag). Note that these Loops are only suitable for the 7-inch Loom and that colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot. Want to make Potholders like ours? Click Product Details, above, for more info!

PLEASE NOTE: The bags of Loops do not come with a Loom or instructional booklet. They are just Loops!


To make our set of Potholders, you'll need...

  • A Friendly Loom Potholder Loom Kit (This includes a multi-color bag of Loops, but to make our set you'll need the following bags instead...)
  • 3 bags of Loops in Winter White (you'll have just enough!)
  • 1 bag of Loops in Daffodil
  • 1 bag of Loops in Tiger Lily
  • 1 bag of Loops in Orange
  • 1 bag of Loops in Salmon
  • 1 bag of Loops in Turquoise
  • 1 bag of Loops in Powder Blue
  • 1 bag of Loops in Silver

The Potholder Loom Kit includes detailed instructions for all the designs shown here (and more!). Here are the colors and patterns we used...

  • Daffodil + Winter White (page 3 in booklet)
  • Tiger Lily + Winter White (page 3)
  • Orange + Winter White (page 3)
  • Salmon + Winter White (page 3)
  • Turquoise + Winter White (page 3)
  • Powder Blue + Winter White (page 3)
  • Silver + Winter White (page 3)
  • Daffodil, Tiger Lily, Orange, Salmon, Turquoise, Powder Blue, Silver + Winter White (page 6)
  • Tiger Lily, Orange, Salmon + Winter White (page 6)
  • Silver, Powder Blue, Turquoise + Winter White (page 6)

Finished Dimensions: About 6 x 6 inches