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Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap Bundle


Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap Bundle

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Giving a whole new meaning to doing things by halves, our Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap takes our favorite comfort knit and doubles the fun with stripes!

  • This design is the same clever construction as our original Half + Half Triangles Wrap, but with an engaging array of stripes to give you that just-one-more-row-ness that makes this project so satisfying.
  • Half the joy of this project is that you get to incorporate our gorgeous Linen Quill into each wrap. With a palette of 50+ colors, we were able to assemble a dozen glorious bundles to meet every mood, style, and whim!

Each Striped Half + Half Triangles Wrap Bundle comes with six beautiful colors that will inspire you and make your knitting fun. It's also enough yarn to make a generous wrap that will wrap around you like a hug!

Product Details

  • 6 skeins of Purl Soho’s Linen Quill, 50% fine highland wool, 35% alpaca, and 15% linen. Each skein is 439 yards/ 100 grams.
    • Color A: 1 skein; approximately 430 yards required
    • Color B: 1 skein; approximately 400 yards required
    • Color C: 1 skein; approximately 240 yards required
    • Color D: 1 skein; approximately 315 yards required
    • Color E: 1 skein; approximately 355 yards required
    • Color F: 1 skein; approximately 330 yards required


You will also need…


Choose from these Bundles (we used Terrazzo and Ocean Current for our samples) …


  • Color A: Raw Sienna
  • Color B: Peony Pink
  • Color C: Juniper Green
  • Color D: Fresh Pickle
  • Color E: Golden Green
  • Color F: Wheat Flour


  • Color A: Pale Oats
  • Color B: Cobalt Blue
  • Color C: Bird’s Egg Blue
  • Color D: Blue Pansy
  • Color E: Reed Gray
  • Color F: True Turquoise


  • Color A: Stonewall Gray
  • Color B: Mustard Seed
  • Color C: Purple Smoke
  • Color D: Crocus Bud
  • Color E: Turmeric Yellow
  • Color F: Lavender Opal


  • Color A: Eggshell Blue
  • Color B: Red Poppy
  • Color C: Mountain Bluebird
  • Color D: Sweet Potato
  • Color E: Wheat Flour
  • Color F: Vintage Celadon


  • Color A: Fresh Nutmeg
  • Color B: Peachy Pink
  • Color C: Rose Granite
  • Color D: Peach Stone
  • Color E: Baked Earth
  • Color F: Honey Pink


  • Color A: Reed Gray
  • Color B: Stillwater Blue
  • Color C: Pale Oats
  • Color D: Kettle Black
  • Color E: Wheat Flour
  • Color F: Salt + Pepper


  • A: Reed Gray 
  • B: Pine Cone 
  • C: Twig Brown 
  • D: Salt + Pepper 
  • E: Fresh Nutmeg 
  • F: Stonewall Gray 


  • A: Peony Pink 
  • B: Blue Blue 
  • C: Eggshell Blue 
  • D: Pink Pop 
  • E: Birds Egg Blue 
  • F: Magnolia Blossom 


  • A: Bright Mint 
  • B: Pale Mushroom 
  • C: Lemon Lime 
  • D: Peach Stone 
  • E: Pale Celery 
  • F: Grasshopper Green 


  • A: Wheat Flour 
  • B: Red Poppy 
  • C: Golden Green 
  • D: Peachy Pink 
  • E: Honey Pink 
  • F: Bright Flamingo 


  • A: Golden Wheat 
  • B: Mustard Seed 
  • C: Raw Sienna 
  • D: Buttercup Yellow 
  • E: Pale Oats 
  • F: Turmeric Yellow 


  • A: Purple Smoke
  • B: Deep Petunia
  • C: Lavender Opal
  • D: Crocus Bud
  • E: Oatmeal Gray
  • F: Purple Clematis

26 stitches and 52 rows or 26 garter “ridges” (one garter ridge equals 2 rows) = 4 inches in garter stitch, blocked

NOTE: We used nearly every yard of Color A. To avoid running out, be careful to match the recommended gauge and keep your yarn tails no longer than 4-6 inches. Also, choose a different color for your gauge swatch!


Finished Dimensions: 40¾ inches wide x 40¾ inches long; approximately 57½ inches along the fold


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