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Koigu KPM Needlepoint Yarn


Koigu Wool Designs

Koigu KPM Needlepoint Yarn

Koigu Premium Merino (KPM) Needlepoint Yarns are bite-sized delights! At 11 yards a skein and with subtle hand-dyed color, they are perfectly conceived for needlepoint. KPM Needlepoint Yarn is theexact same yarn as Koigu's full-size skeins of KPM: the same luminous palette of colors, the same amazing spin, and the same soft-but-durable merino fiber. Both are perfect for 13:1 needlepoint mesh; use the larger skeins for big areas and these little guys for the details. KPM Needlepoint Yarn also makes affordable all sorts of knitting and crochet: stripes! fair isle! intarsia! Unleash your creativity!
Product Details
  • Content

    100% Merino Wool

  • Length

    11 Yards per skein

  • Gauge

    Suitable for 13:1 Mesh


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