Color Wash Blanket Bundle

Color Wash Blanket Bundle

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The spectrum of a landscape seen through the frame of a window, our Color Wash Blanket is our kind of scene… Natural beauty, low-key flair, and stunning color! The free pattern for our Color Wash Blanket is simple garter stitch, worked holding two different-color strands of our gorgeous Linen Quill. You knit the whole center panel first, from bottom to top, then pick up each side to work the left and right frames. A surprisingly simple and truly beautiful view of the world! This Color Wash Blanket Bundle comes in five palettes, two sizes each. For our Small Throw version, we used Sundown with its striations of pink and orange cloud layers, surrounded by the coming night. Pick your favorite bundle! And for more information about materials, sizes, and gauge, just click Product Details, above.


Our Color Wash Blanket Bundle comes in two sizes: Small Throw (the size of our sample) and Large Throw. The Small Throw (Large Throw) Bundles include…

  • 8 (16) skeins of Purl Soho’s Linen Quill, 50% fine highland wool, 35% alpaca and 15% linen. Each skein is 439 yards.
    • Color A: 2 (4) skeins, approximately 715 (1,616) yards required
    • Color B: 2 (4) skeins, approximately 715 (1,616) yards required
    • Color C: 1 (1) skein, approximately 127 (288) yards required
    • Color D: 1 (3) skein(s), approximately 439 (1,080) yards required
    • Color E: 1 (3) skein(s), approximately 402 (909) yards required
    • Color F: 1 (1) skein, approximately 194 (439) yards required

You will also need…

Choose from five palettes…

SUNDOWN (We used this palette for our sample.)

Color A: Dark Denim; Color B: Stillwater Blue; Color C: Lychee Pink; Color D: Super Orange; Color E: Peachy Pink; Color F: Oatmeal Gray


Color A: Rosewood Pink; Color B: Lychee Pink; Color C: Calendula Orange; Color D: Turmeric Yellow; Color E: Mustard Seed; Color F: Dandelion Yellow


Color A: Wheat Flour; Color B: Pale Mushroom; Color C: Rhubarb Pink; Color D: Pink Pop; Color E: Bright Flamingo; Color F: Kiln Red


Color A: Chestnut Red; Color B: Fresh Nutmeg; Color C: High Tide; Color D: True Turquoise; Color E: Green Turquoise; Color F: Eggshell Blue


Color A: Juniper Green; Color B: Fresh Pickle; Color C: Stonewall Gray; Color D: Oatmeal Gray; Color E: Pale Oats; Color F: Heirloom White


19 stitches and 38 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch


Small Throw (Large Throw)

Finished Dimensions: 32 inches wide x 39 inches long (48 inches wide x 56½ inches long)