Beginner Sampler Kit

Beginner Sampler Kit

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A pretty piece of fabric stitched in colorful floss is an especially lovely thing, made for no other reason than to enjoy its timeless beauty. Our Beginner Sampler Kit is all about the satisfaction of creating such an object! Available in three beautiful color stories, our Beginner Sampler Kit combines modern design and traditional stitches, making it ia beautiful place to begin! Click Product Details, above, for a complete list of this Kit's contents, and please note that this is the same as what-we-used-to-call our Learn to Embroider a Sampler Kit, but now with a new name, new graphics, and new colors.

Product Details


Our Beginner Sampler Kit includes...


  • 1/2 yard of linen-cotton woven fabric
  • 12 skeins of cotton embroidery floss in 11 colors
  • 12 paper bobbin cards
  • 4 embroidery needles
  • A water-soluble fabric marker
  • A 4-inch embroidery hoop
  • A 12-inch dowel (for hanging)
  • A Sampler Stencil
  • A full-color Beginner Sampler Pattern booklet

These are enough materials to make one Beginner Sampler, with some fabric left over for practicing and lots of floss left over for your next project!



You'll also need...

  • Masking tape
  • A straightedge ruler




Finished Dimensions: 141/2 x 12 inches