Mary Flanagan

Textured Felted Wool Bundles

  • Purl Soho | Blackberry
  • Purl Soho | Cherry Pop
  • Purl Soho | Old Denim
  • Purl Soho | Red Earth
  • Purl Soho | Royal Plum
  • Purl Soho | Spring Green
  • Purl Soho | Spring Rain
  • Purl Soho | Straw
  • Purl Soho | Wake Up Call
  • Purl Soho | Blue Spark

Mary Flanagan

Textured Felted Wool Bundles

We love the subtle beauty of Mary Flanagan's gorgeous Textured Felted Wool Bundles! Each wool felt piece is a unique texture and pattern, but when the whole Bundle is soaked in the same dye bath, the result is an incredible symphony of color. So soft and inviting, Textured Felted Wool Bundles are wonderful for patchwork projects, hooked rugs, and appliqué. Each piece measures approximately 12 1/2 inches x 15 1/2 inches, and there are ten pieces per Bundle. Please note: Textures will occasionally be substituted.
Product Details
  • Content

    100% Wool

  • Dimensions

    12.5 inches x 15.5 inches

  • Type


  • Recommended Care

    Hand Wash