Stripes + Blocks Towel Set Bundle


Stripes + Blocks Towel Set Bundle

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When your senses are alive to the household objects you see and feel every day, their importance becomes tangible. A made-by-you Stripes + Blocks Towel Set makes its value felt with its soft, cotton-y texture and shower of pretty colors, all thanks to our 100% organically grown Buttercup Cotton! Pick up a Stripes + Blocks Towel Set Bundle in either a shell-y Starfish palette or in watery blue Lake. Two bundles makes this entire set of a bath towel, two hand towels, and six washcloths, or make fewer pieces with just one bundle. However you do it, your homelife will thank you! Please click Product Details, above, for more information about colors, gauge, and finished size.


To make a full set of 1 Bath Towel, 2 Hand Towels, and 6 Washcloths, you’ll need…

  • Two Stripes + Blocks Towel Set Bundles. Each includes…
    • 6 skeins in six colors of Purl Soho’s Buttercup Cotton, 100% organically grown cotton. Each skein is 364 yards.

NOTE: Just one bundle makes 1 Bath Towel and 4 Washcloths, or 2 Hand Towels and 4 Washcloths.

You will also need…

Choose from 2 pretty palettes…

STARFISH (We used this one for our samples): Color A: Gray Cloud; Color B: Heirloom White; Color C: Summer Melon; Color D: Cedar Wood; Color E: Vintage Pink; Color F: Purple Aster

LAKE: Color A: Heirloom White; Color B: Woodland Gray; Color C: Morning Sky; Color D: Pale Denim; Color E: Blue Jay; Color F: Evening Blue


32 stitches and 64 rows = 4 inches in stitch pattern

28 inches and 40 rows = 4 inches in stockinette


Finished Dimensions

  • Bath Towel: 26 inches wide x 49 inches long
  • Hand Towel: 20 inches wide x 30 inches long
  • Washcloth: 8 x 8 inches

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