Rainbow Sampler Banner Kit Sale


Rainbow Sampler Banner Kit Sale

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The Rainbow Sampler Kit is the first step for aspiring young embroiders! A comprehensive learn-to-embroider kit, it includes Fair Play Projects’ thorough instruction booklet “Ready, Set, Embroider!” and all the materials your little crafter will need to make a charming artwork, ready to hang. Perfect for ages 5 and up, or anyone looking to learn a new skill! Choose from a red or blue banner, and for a full list of the kit’s contents, click Product Details above. 

All remaining inventory is 40% off, while supplies last!

Each Rainbow Sampler Kit makes one sampler and includes…

  • One 8 x 10 ½ -inch piece of wool felt in either red or blue
  • One 8 x 10 ½ -inch piece of wool felt in ecru
  • 5 skeins of embroidery floss in 5 different colors
  • An erasable fabric marker 
  • An embroidery needle
  • 5 straight pins
  • A wooden dowel
  • A Project Pattern and Template
  • Fair Play Projects’ Ready, Set, Embroider! Booklet, also available separately here