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Purl Soho Pup Kit


Purl Soho

Purl Soho Pup Kit


With its take-me-home face, you can't help but love the hot-doggy Purl Soho Pup! Each Purl Soho Pup Kit includes everything you need to make a Gingham Pup, including a full-color Pattern and full-size templates. Your finished Pup will measure 17 inches long x 8 1/2 inches high, perfect for a good doggy snuggle! Please click Product Details, above, for a complete list of the Kit's contents.

Product Details

 Our Purl Soho Pup Kit includes...



Finished Pup: 17 inches long x 8 1/2 inches high


(Note that our Floral Pup Kit is no longer available.)



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