Pom Pom Kit

Pom Pom Kit

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Let the merry making begin with Purl Soho's Pom Pom Kit! Step-by-step instructions dispel the mystery of making the perfect pom pom, not just a one-color classic, but special designs, too, like all-over sprinkles, patches of color blocks, and scattered polka dots. You'll also learn how to combine designs for your own custom remixes. Each kit includes a fun bouquet of six skeins of our Pocket Posy, only available in this kit. You'll also find our Pom Pom Maker Set in Small + Large, a brightly colored Plexiglass tool set that includes two U-shaped makers, plus six trim guides for giving tidy pom pom haircuts. We say, bring pom poms to the party… And the more the merrier! Click Product Details, above, for more information.


Each Pom Pom Kit comes with enough materials to make 9 to 25 pom poms, depending on size…

  • 6 skeins of Purl Soho’s Pocket Posy, 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere and 10% nylon, in the colors Heirloom White, Sour Gooseberry, Marigold Orange, Pink Papaya, Winter Heath, and Beetle Blue. (Please Note: The Pocket Posy colors are only available in this kit!)
  • Purl Soho’s Pom Pom Maker Set in Small + Large, which includes two makers (1¾ and 2½ inches wide) and six trim guides (1 to 2½ inches in diameter)
  • A skein of DMC’s Embroidery Floss in Ecru
  • A tapestry needle
  • Pom Pom Pattern

You’ll also need…

  • Very sharp scissors

1 to 3 inches in diameter