Muhuroosa Blanket Bundle


Muhuroosa Blanket Bundle

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Chances are you've never been to Muhu, but if you had visited this bitty Estonian island, you'd have discovered a rich knitting tradition bursting with wild colors. Muhuroosa, aka “Muhu pink,” is the riotous pink that plays center role in Muhu's palette of fiery colors. And for us, it’s the fun and the inspiration of our Muhuroosa Blanket! You knit this simple pattern in seed stitch, holding two strands at once and spending four rows to artfully shift between colors for a washy watercolor effect. We used a riotous palette of our Posy and Pocket Posy yarns, an incredibly soft blend of 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere, and 10% nylon. Both are lovingly hand dyed, adding depth and spontaneity to this color story. Get all the yarn you need to cast on with this Muhuroosa Blanket Bundle... Then, step aside neutrals, it’s muhuroosa time! Click Product Details, above, for more information.

PLEASE NOTE If you’re using hand dyed yarn, like our Posy and Pocket Posy, it's always a good idea to hand wash each skein in cold water before winding it into a ball. Rinse until the water runs clear, then lay flat to dry. Very rich and saturated colors may require more steps. Visit our Re-Fixing Dye Tutorial to learn all about them!


Our Muhuroosa Blanket Bundle includes…

  • 12 skeins of Purl Soho’s Posy, 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere, and 10% nylon, 100 grams per skein
    • 7 skeins of Heirloom White
    • 2 skeins of Azalea Glow
    • 2 skeins of Pink Papaya
    • 1 skein of Chili Pepper
  • 7 skeins of Purl Soho’s Pocket Posy, 75% superwash merino, 15% cashmere, and 10% nylon, 25 grams per skein
    • 1 skein of Pink Nectar
    • 1 skein of Sour Gooseberry
    • 1 skein of Weathervane Gray
    • 1 skein of Black Cherry
    • 3 skeins of Marigold Orange

You’ll also need…


19 stitches and 35 rows = 4 inches in seed stitch, with yarn doubled


Finished Dimensions: Approximately 38 inches wide x 55 inches long


If you’re using hand dyed yarn, like our Posy and Pocket Posy, you may want to re-fix the dye before you begin in order to prevent the colors from bleeding when you wash the finished piece. For tips on how, visit our Re-Fixing Dye Tutorial.