Cabin Blanket Bundle

Cabin Blanket Bundle

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Our Cabin Blanket is simple enough for beginner weavers and is truly an I-can’t-believe-I-made-this cabin-ready total beauty! We wove it with the full range of our Good Wool collection: five 100% undyed colors, grown by the sheep themselves in the Andean highlands. Get the skeins you need with this Cabin Blanket Bundle, an eight-skein pile of goodness, plus be sure you've got Schacht Spindle Co’s Cricket Loom, our favorite tabletop rigid heddle loom, a mini but mighty machine! For more information, just click Product Details, above.


PLEASE NOTE: Because this yarn depends on sheeps' coloring, colors may vary from lot to lot.

Product Details


Our Cabin Blanket Bundle includes...

  • 8 skeins of Purl Soho’s Good Wool, 100% undyed Andean highland wool
    • Warp Yarn A: 1 skein in Walking Stick
    • Warp Yarn B/Weft Yarn A: 2 skeins in Winter Grass
    • Warp Yarn C/Weft Yarn B: 2 skeins in Heirloom White
    • Warp Yarn D/Weft Yarn C: 2 skeins in Driftwood Gray
    • Warp Yarn E: 1 skein in Hickory Nut

You will also need…


Plain Weave


Finished Dimensions, Blocked: 42½ inches x 57 inches

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The Cricket Loom is compact, well-made and super capable! Superiorly engineered by Schacht Spindle Co., the Cricket is made of high-quality, unfinished apple ply and hard maple. It comes with an 8-dent reed, a threading hook, warping peg, table clamps, two shuttles, and two balls of yarn.