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Punch Needle Flowers Bundle


Punch Needle Flowers Bundle

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Using the simple embroidery technique of “punching” loops of yarn through woven fabric, maker extraordinaire, Arounna Knounnoraj, designed her pair of Punch Needle Flowers to reflect her love for the natural world, as well as her bold graphics and sensitive color choices... These beauties seem to dance in the wind under the light of a warm day! To make your Punch Needle Flowers like Arounna's, you’ll need a Punch Needle Flowers Pattern, which includes traceable templates for these two designs, plus this Punch Needle Flowers Bundle, which is six skeins of our wonderfully cushy Super Soft Merino. Pick the Field palette we used, a bouquet of warm pinks and ochres, or try the Forest palette for more verdant blooms!

Product Details


Our Punch Needle Flowers Bundle makes a set of two wall hangings and includes…

  • 6 skeins of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino, 100% merino wool; each skein is 87 yards/ 100 grams.
    • Color A: 1 skein; approximately 70 yards required
    • Color B: 1 skein; approximately 15 yards required
    • Color C: 1 skein; approximately 57 yards required
    • Color D: 1 skein; approximately 10 yards required
    • Color E: 1 skein; approximately 15 yards required
    • Color F: 1 skein; approximately 8 yards required

You will also need…

Choose from two pretty palettes…

FIELD (We used this palette for our samples.)

  • Color A: Turmeric Yellow
  • Color B: Peachy Pink
  • Color C: Ballet Pink
  • Color D: Heirloom White
  • Color E: Red Poppy
  • Color F: Sea Salt


  • Color A: Frond Green
  • Color B: Crocus Bud
  • Color C: Artemisia Green
  • Color D: Heirloom White
  • Color E: Bougainvillea Pink
  • Color F: Fresh Pickle

Finished Diameter of Design: 9¾ inches

Finished Diameter in Display Hoop: 10 inches  

Arounna Khounnoraj for Purl Soho

Punch Needle Flowers Pattern Download

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You'll need Arounna Khounnoraj’s Punch Needle Flowers Pattern, too! Click Add To Basket to download the two templates and to get punch needling!