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Our Pebble Dishcloths illuminate the kitchen with sparks of color and beauty! A single-color block of garter stitch with an I-cord loop for hanging, making our Pebble Dishcloths couldn’t be simpler. Their complexity comes from our Lantern yarn, a linen-wrapped white cotton core filled with immense character and surprise. It’s also wonderfully durable for the wiping, drying, and scrubbing work of a kitchen! Make a set of your own beautiful Dishcloths with our free pattern, plus our Pebble Dishcloth Bundles, available in 5 five-color palettes. Click Product Details, above, for more information! NOTE: Although our official recommended care instructions for Lantern are to hand wash and lay flat to dry, our insider practical knowledge is that Lantern holds up great in a cold or warm machine wash and even in a low or warm dry cycle. There may be a very small amount of shrinkage (like 2%), so stick with hand washing for garments. Also, washing with like colors is always a good idea!

Product Details

Our Pebble Dishcloths Bundle includes enough yarn to make 5 dishcloths, one in each color. It includes…...

  • 5 skeins of Purl Soho’s Lantern, 61% cotton and 39% linen
    • Oyster Shell: Lavender Frost, White Smoke, Platinum Gray, Nickel Gray, and Gray Ember

    • Coast: Copse Green, Bluegrass Blue, Shibori Blue, Dew Blue, and Frost Blue

    • Aubergine: Black Feather, Blue Black, Blue Violet, Purple Heliotrope, and French Prune

    • Sumac: Pigment Red, Cinnabar Red, Beet Red, Horse Chestnut, and Orange Poppy

    • Honeysuckle: Moth Wing, Dogwood Pink, Pink Salt, Peach Cream, and Beech Leaf

You will also need…

TIP: When using irregularly spun yarns like this, avoid unwanted patterning (aka "pooling") by alternating skeins every row/round or two. For more information on this technique, please visit our Working With Irregular + Hand Dyed Yarns Tutorial!


19 stitches and 46 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch


Finished Dimensions: 10 inches wide x 15 inches long