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Mineral Linen

Mineral Linen

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Purl Soho’s Mineral Linen turns the simple into the stunning. It starts with linen, raw and pure, and finishes with a metallic sheen, mysterious and beautiful. Mineral Linen comes in seven colors and in two weights, one lighter for garments and wraps, the other a bit sturdier for pillows and placemats. Perfectly suited for a wedding shawl or a holiday table, we also love to think about using this fabric in unexpected places: a casual dress, a textural shift in a quilt, or an everyday napkin with a spark of something special! Note that because results have varied with machine washing and drying this fabric, we recommend test laundering a swatch of fabric on a delicate cycle in the washer and on a cool setting in the dryer. If you're not happy with the results, dry clean your finished piece instead. And regardless, we recommend dry cleaning after one or two machine washings. Please note that this fabric moves around on the bolt quite a bit during cutting. Fabric is overcut by 1 - 2 inches depending on the quantity ordered so you can square up the fabric from your project.


Product Details

  • Content

    100% Linen

  • Weight

    8.5/ 10.5 ounces per square yard

  • Width

    58-60 inches

  • Type


  • Recommended Care

    Dry Clean, Iron or Steam Wrong Side to protect Metallic Screen Printing