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Linblomman Embroidery Linen


Linblomman Embroidery Linen

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This is embroidery thread with a story! Linblomman ("Flax Flower") Embroidery Linen comes from flax grown and spun in the heart of Sweden's textile industrial area in the 1960's. When this thread's factory closed down, the remaining stock was hidden away in a haberdashery storage room for decades. Now unearthed, these gorgeous 100% wet spun linen threads are still strong and beautiful, just as an old Scandinavian proverb puts it, "Ull blir mull och lin blir gull," or "Wool becomes dust, flax becomes gold." Choose from an extraordinary palette of lustrous color, and stitch something special! Each skein is nearly 16 yards and select colors now 60% off!

Product Details

  • Content

    100% Linen

  • Length

    Approximately 16 yards