Little Dandelion

K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles


Little Dandelion

K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles


K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles are designed especially to manage the scale of Little Dandelion's K1S1 extreme knitting yarn. Fifty millimeters (2 inches) in diameter, these whoppers are made out of PVC plumber's pipe with hand-turned timber tops and ends. Because of their industrial pedigree, most of these needles have traces of non-staining ink on them... Part of the charm! Also note that the "little" needle in the photo is there to show scale. It's a US 11, 12-inch needle.

Product Details
  • Weight

    550 grams (19.4 ounces) per stick

  • Length

    110 centimeters (43 inches)


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