Purl Soho

Heirloom Wool Ornaments Kit


Purl Soho

Heirloom Wool Ornaments Kit

Add your own handiwork to the tree with Purl Soho's beautiful Heirloom Wool Ornaments Kit! Hand sewn in soft wool felt and then decorated with embroidery stitches and sparkly sequins and beads, Heirloom Wool Ornaments add a playful, festive, and very special flair to the season. Each Heirloom Wool Ornaments Kit includes everything you’ll need to make your own set of 24 Ornaments, including a full-color pattern and full-size templates. Choose from four palettes: Lusterware, inspired by the iridescent shades of its namesake; Milk Glass, a beautiful bundle of warm white; Wineberry, rich and decadent; and Mistletoe, a peaceful reflection of the season. Please click Product Details, above, for a complete list of the Kit's contents.
Product Details

Purl Soho's Heirloom Wool Ornaments Kit includes...


Please note that the Beads + Sequins for each of these Kits are also available separately, if you wish!

Please also note that, like yarn, beads' colors can vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot.


These are enough materials to make 24 Ornaments.



Each Ornament measures approximately 3 x 5 inches.