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Gemstone Beads


Purl Soho

Gemstone Beads


Purl Soho's semi-precious Gemstone Beads are luminescent little beauties! From Green Quartz and Pink Moonstone to Light Carnelian and Natural Chalcedony, each irregularly faceted stone is perfectly imperfect, reminding us that they do, in fact, come from our amazing earth. We used these beads, along with Griffin's Silk Bead Cord, No. 2, for our Gemstones + Knots Necklaces Kits, but the possibilities for making incredible things are absolutely endless with these gorgeous Gemstone Beads! An order of beads is a strand approximately 13 inches long, housed in a pretty glass tube.

Product Details
  • Content

    Semi-Precious Stone Beads

  • Length

    Approximately 13-inch strand

  • Dimensions

    2mm in diameter