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Fold-Up Market Tote Bundle


Purl Soho

Fold-Up Market Tote Bundle


Handmade Fold-Up Market Totes are better in every way than plastic or paper ones! Ours are cleverly put together with only two pieces of fabric, four totally self-encased seams, and a nice cotton ribbon to tie the whole thing up. This Fold-Up Market Tote Bundle includes some thread, cotton ribbon, and three yards of Purl Soho’s beautiful linen fabrics: Linen Grid, Handkerchief Linen, andWatercolor Linen. Pick your favorite color Bundle, and use it with our free online pattern to make three strong, reusable, and very pretty Fold-Up Market Totes! For more information, please click Product Details, above. 

Product Details

Our Fold-Up Market Tote Bundle comes in three pretty palettes. Each one includes...


You will also need…



Finished Dimensions: 18 ¾ inches wide X 15 inches tall, plus a 16-inch handle drop