About Us

Since 2002, Purl Soho’s mission has been to bring together lovers of all needlecrafts, those people who feel an appreciation for beauty and exceptional design, natural fibers and crafting traditions. We share our passions both in person (at our beautiful Broome Street store in New York City’s Soho neighborhood); at our online store, PurlSoho.com; and here at the Purl Bee.

PurlSoho.com is where you go when you can’t actually visit our store. It’s lovely, informative and teeming with high quality products that help you make just what you want to make. And the Purl Bee is where you go for creative nourishment. It’s our special depository for our very best ideas. Chock-full of free patterns developed exclusively by our talented Purl Bee staff, crafters from all corners of the needlecraft world come here for inspiration!

In the store, on our web site or at the Purl Bee, the heart of our business is our community of customers and readers. We love to answer questions, share accomplishments, research solutions and exchange ideas. It’s why we do what we do, so please reach out! We’ll be so happy to meet you!

-Co-owners Joelle Hoverson, Jennifer Hoverson and Page Marchese Norman