These Felt Baby Slippers are my latest go-to handmade baby shower gift. I like them because they are a quick-but-personal touch that I can easily add onto a more utilitarian registry gift. Sure, they are more cute than practical, but they are so cute!


Faced with lots of new babies coming into my life and armed with some beautiful new felt, I designed these Slippers to be even quicker to sew up than my original Felt Baby Shoes. Three simple pieces come together in a snap with a pretty zigzag machine stitch. Make a pair or two, or three, or four! -Molly



To make the four-pair set pictured you will need…

You will have enough felt to make a few more pairs using the brightly colored felt as the toe and sole pieces, if you like. If you would just like to make one pair of slippers, you will need two pieces of felt (in two different colors). Or, if you want to make a pair in just one color, you will only need one piece of felt.


4 inches long by 2 ¼ inches wide to fit a baby 0-3 months



Felt Baby Slippers how to-600Pick out two pieces of felt, one for the Toe and Sole (this will be Felt 1) and one for the Heel (this will be Felt 2).

From Felt 1 cut:

  • 2 Toes
  • 2 Soles

From Felt 2 cut:

  • 2 Heels

Transfer marks A and B onto the wrong side of the felt pieces with a pencil or an erasable fabric marker.


Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-2Take one of the Heel pieces and line up its Mark A with Mark A on one of the Sole pieces. Pin the two pieces together at this point.’

Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-3

Pin the bottom edge of the Heel piece around the bottom edge of the Sole, as shown above. Use lots of pins!

Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-4

Take one of the Toe pieces and line up its Mark B with Mark B on the Sole piece. Pin the pieces together at this point.

Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-5

Pin the top edge of the Toe piece around the top edge of the Sole, as shown above. Remember to use lots of pins so the Toe piece lies flat against the Sole.

Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-6

The Toe piece will overlap the Heel piece, as shown above.


Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-7

Zigzag stitch around the pinned perimeter of the shoe, making sure to catch the edge of the Sole as you go. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

Felt Baby Slippers how to-600-8

Repeat all of the steps for the second shoe and you’re done!