If you know me (or even just meet me!), you know that I love the basics. The walls in my home are creamy white; my wardrobe is a uniform of interchangeable layers; and ideally my cooking is confined to three fresh ingredients or less. In knitting, too, I love the basics: stockinette stitch, simple silhouettes, no-fuss engineering, and classic natural fibers.

Purl Soho Pullover in Alpaca Pure | Purl Soho

When not much “extra” is going on, then little shifts have a big impact and slight changes become a fascinating design exercise. A simple garter stitch hat in a cool gray is a whole different thing from the same hat in a warm brown. And The Purl Soho Pullover, originally knit in our Worsted Twist merino, takes on a new life in our gorgeous Alpaca Pure, the latest fiber to join our budding collection of Purl Soho yarns!

Purl Soho Pullover in Alpaca Pure | Purl Soho

Alpaca Pure knits up at the same gauge as our Worsted Twist, but its unique qualities create a significantly different sweater. To me, this is fascinating. The subtle differences in the texture, weight and feel of the alpaca mean a whole new sweater!

Purl Soho Pullover in Alpaca Pure | Purl Soho

Alpaca, with its long fibers, is slightly downier than merino. It is also heavier and denser than merino, which means a super cozy Pullover with a drape like a warm waterfall. But a little goes a long way. For a child, the weight of an Alpaca Pure sweater feels snug and comfy, but for adults it might be a little much (stick with the Worsted Twist!).

Purl Soho Pullover in Alpaca Pure | Purl Soho

And now what I’ve really been waiting for, the perfect opportunity to show off my beautiful (smart, curious and hilarious) niece, Bobbie, in her favorite new sweater! -Joelle


In addition to a Purl Soho Pullover pattern, you’ll need…


4 1/4 stitches = 1 inch in stockinette stitch, using larger needle

This gauge is exactly the same as for the Worsted Twist version (although on a smaller size needle), which means the pattern is exactly the same too!


20¼ (22, 24, 26¼, 28¼, 30)

To fit 12 months (2 years, 4 years, 6 years, 8 years, 10 years), with approximately 1-2 inches of ease

  • Finished Chest Circumference: 20¼ (22, 24, 26¼, 28¼, 30) inches
  • Length from Shoulder to Bottom Edge: 15¾ (17¼, 19, 19¾, 21¼, 22¼)  inches
  • Length from Underarm to Bottom Edge: 9¾ (10¾, 12, 12¾, 14¼, 14¾) inches

And if you’d like more info on making the Purl Soho Pullover in Worsted Twist (for kids and adults), just click here!


Purl Soho Pullover in Alpaca Pure | Purl Soho

The Purl Soho Pullover pattern is available for purchase as a hard copy or download!