I feel like the anemone flower is having a moment. Everywhere I go I am seeing their whimsical petals and moody color palette. Anemones seem to fall somewhere in between a poppy and rose which, as far as I’m concerned, is a good place to be! So for Valentine’s Day this year I looked past the classic rose to this more unexpected flower and designed these super pretty Anemone Magnets.

From inky navy blue to vibrant neon pink, our gorgeous new Anemone Felt Bundle evokes the drama and beauty of its eponymous flower. We love Wollfilz’s Felt for special little projects like this because its colors are spectacular and because its hem-free nature is perfect for easy hand sewing.

These Anemone Magnets are so quick and fun to make that before you know it, you’ll have a whole bouquet! Give them this Valentine’s Day as sweet tokens of love and appreciation. Or help an older child who is learning to sew whip up a set for the whole class! -Molly


To make at least sixteen anemone magnets:


2 1/4-inches across



These magnets are made with two colors of felt per magnet: color A for the petals and color B for the center.

Using the template cut three petal shapes out of color A (light pink the in the example photos.)

Using the template cut one center piece out of color B (navy blue in the example photos.)

Snip every 1/8-inch or less along one of the long sides of the center piece to create a fringe-like edge as shown above.


Arrange the three petal pieces at 60-degree angles to one another to create an even looking flower shape as shown above.

Remove the bottom petal piece.

Thread an embroidery needle with a 12-inch length of thread to match the center piece and tie a knot at the end. Pull the needle through the two petal pieces just inside of where they intersect as shown above.

Pull the needle through one of the bottom corners of the center piece and then through the opposite bottom corner.

Pull the needle back through the two petal pieces cinching the center piece together into a circle.

Arrange the center piece into a  flat circle and place the back petal piece back into position. Using a small running stitch sew the center piece to the three petal pieces just inside of the center circle.

When you’ve sewn three quarters of the way the center circle around turn the anemone over and place the magnet inside of the back petal piece only, inside of the sewn circle.

Continue sewing around the center pieces’ inner edge thus encasing the magnet.

When you’ve sewn around the entire center piece pull your thread out at the back and tie a small knot at the exit point. Then pull your needle through the back petal piece towards the center of the magnet and snip off the thread at that exit point thus hiding the end.

You’re all done and ready to make the next one!