Thread your hand sewing needle with thread that matches your background fabric (for the purposes of this tutorial we’ve used contrasting thread so you can see it).

Hold needle between the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand.

With your other hand, pick up the opposite end of the thread.

Point the needle and end of thread towards one another.

Grasp the end of the thread between the same thumb and finger holding the needle.

With your other hand, wrap the thread around the needle two times.

Pinch the wrapped thread with the fingers holding the needle.

Pull the end of the needle with your other hand (while continuing to pinch the wrapped thread) until the entire length of thread has passed through your fingers.

You should have a small knot near the end of the thread (if you don’t you probably weren’t holding the wraps securely, but try again, you can do it!).

Insert needle into the front of your patch (but not through the interfacing or background fabric) about 1/2-inch from where you want to begin and pull the needle out at the very edge of your patch as shown above. The knot at the end of the thread is indicated with a blue arrow.

Pull the thread with a quick tug to “pop” the knot to the inside of the patch. Now you’re ready to stitch!