Even though it may seem like a minor detail, once you’ve spent time creating a special project, it’s important to sew the buttons on correctly. It’s a quick and simple process that will help ensure your buttons stay on for a long time to come.

If you’re wondering about this adorable pattern, it’s the Sunday Brunch Jacket from Oliver + S.

The first step is to mark where the buttons will go. I use a fabric marker to mark the middle of my button holes:

Next, thread a small eyed needle with a (roughly) 36 inch length of thread and tie it’s ends in a knot, so you have a doubled 18 inch length of thread.

Pull the needle through from the back of the fabric at the marked point and through the top right hole of the button.

Put your needle back in through the bottom right hole of the button and re-enter the fabric at the marked point. Pull the thread to secure the button but do not pull it too tight. Leave about a 1/8 inch length of slack. This little extra space will allow room for  fabric to fit under the button.

Sew through the right side of the button 3 times in this manner and then repeat for the left side. Remember to leave the slack. You will notice from the picture above that the threads look a little loose in the button. This will be fixed shortly…

After you’ve sewn both sides of the button push your needle through the back of the fabric and pull it out in between the front of the fabric and the button.

Wrap the thread around the slack threads tightly six times. This creates room for fabric to fit underneath the button. This will also tighten up the threads on the front of the button.

Now pull your needle through a loop of the thread and pull tightly to secure.

Tie a knot in the back of the fabric to double secure the button.

Finally, pull the needle through the fabric to the area behind the button and clip it close so you can’t see the end.

Repeat for all your buttons!