Looks like Purl Rabbit has been shopping!  This pretty dress has bell sleeves and a deep v in the front and the back.  The skirt is pleated for fullness.  Very stylish for such a little rabbit!

You can find the free pattern in the Purl Rabbit Dress belowl. If you’d like to make a Purl Rabbit of your own, please visit the Rabbit Doll Project.


Visit our Purl Rabbit Doll Project for directions on how to make your own Purl Rabbit.

Cut Pattern Pieces

Cut two dress skirt pieces and four dress top pieces from the Purl Rabbit Dress Pattern downloadable pdf.

To cut four symmetrical dress top pieces, fold the fabric selvage to selvage.  Pin your pattern piece to the fold as marked.  Cut through both layers of fabric. Then, move your pattern piece in order to cut another pair of dress top pieces from the fabric.  You have created four pieces:  two for the right side and two for the left side.

Piecing: Top of Dress


Turn and press a 1/4-inch hem at each cuff, and along the neckline.  Stitch these hems in place.

Divide the dress top pieces into two pairs. With right sides together, stitch the chest seam; connecting each pair to create one front piece and one back piece.  Backstitch at each end.  Press the seam to one side.  Set aside.

Piecing: Dress Skirt

Pin and stitch a 1/4-inch hem along one edge of the skirt pieces.  If you are using fabric with a definite direction to the print, be sure to stitch the hem along the bottom edge of both skirt pieces so that they match.

Pick up one of your dress skirt pieces.  With the wrong side facing up, mark the following measurements along the top edge (the edge opposite the hem): 2.25″, 2.75″, 3.25″, 3.75″, 4.25″.


Create the skirt pleat by folding the outside marks (2.25″ and 4.25″) towards the center.  Pin in place.  Repeat for second skirt piece.


Sew a 1/4-inch seam along the top of the skirt pieces to capture the pleat, then lightly press the folds.


Piecing: Top and Skirt


Pin together one dress top pair with one skirt piece, as shown above. Stitch a 1/4-inch seam across the waist, the press the seam toward the skirt.  Repeat with the second skirt piece and dress top pair.


Now pin the front and back dress pieces right sides together, from the shoulder to the cuff. Sew a 1/4-inch seam along the shoulder and arm, backstitching at each end.


Next, pin the right and left side seams.  Stitch along the side seam, turning at the top of the skirt and stitching the underside of the sleeve.  Remember to backstitch at both ends.  Repeat for the other side. Snip a V at each armpit to ease the fabric. Don’t snip the stitches, just the fabric!


Turn the dress right side out and press it to smooth.  Try it on your Purl Rabbit Doll and have fun!