Needle Gauge

Needle Gauge

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Cocoknits’ Needle Gauge is a compact tool for making sure you're on track with the right size needles! Fanning little discs made from 100% biodegradable plant material are imprinted with both US and metric sizes from US 0-15 (2-10 mm). Tiny magnetic closures keep the Needle Gauge securely fastened when stowed, and when in use, you simply swivel out a disc and insert your needle. The smallest opening that your needle fits through indicates the needle size... Simple! Please Note: Needle Gauges may begin and end with different colors than shown here, but you'll definitely get the same joyful palette! 

  • Content

    100% biodegradable polylactic acid, made from fermented plant starch

  • Length

    1-inch diameter x 1 1/2-inches high (2.5 cm x 4 cm)

  • Recommended Care

    Due to the nature of polylactic acid, if your Needle Gauge accidentally gets wet, fan out the disks and allow them to air dry completely before use.