Brioche Gradient Scarf Bundle

Brioche Gradient Scarf Bundle

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In our super cozy Woolly Wool, the beautiful hills and valleys of our Brioche Gradient Scarf take on monumental proportions, while shifting colors create a landscape under the sun and in the shadows. We love the drama, the warmth, and the take-me-away beauty! Choose your Brioche Gradient Scarf Bundle in celestial Blues, sunrise Pinks, or desert Greens, and click Product Details, above, for more information!


Our Brioche Gradient Scarf Bundle includes…

4 skeins of Purl Soho’s Woolly Wool, 100% wool. Each skein is 109 yards/ 200 grams.

  • Color A: approximately 83 yards required
  • Color B: approximately 72 yards required
  • Color C: approximately 72 yards required
  • Color D: approximately 83 yards required

You will also need…

Choose from these pretty palettes…


  • Color A: Heirloom White
  • Color B: Ice Pond
  • Color C: Juniper Berry
  • Color D: Stormy Sea


  • Color A: Heirloom White
  • Color B: Winter Green
  • Color C: Green Agave
  • Color D: Sea Turtle


  • Color A: Heirloom White
  • Color B: Peach Lily
  • Color C: Blossom Pink
  • Color D: Red Smoke



5¾ stitches and 12 rows (6 brioche rows) = 4 inches in brioche stitch

7½ stitches and 10½ rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch


Finished Dimensions: 9 inches wide x 70 inches long